Ceramic Compound

Zirconia Compounds for Injection Molding

Tosoh offers zirconia compounds that exhibit the superior properties of our zirconia powders. These properties are proven every day in mass production.

Tosoh has supplied ferrule blanks and various injection molded components produced by Tosoh Ceramics, Co., Ltd. Ultilizing the powder grade TZ-3Y-E, Tosoh responded to strong demand in 2001 and began to supply compounds for injection molding. Technical assistance is always available for the various compounds.

Tosoh is an injection molding compound manufacturer with full knowledge of zirconia powder production as well as mass production of sintered bodies. Our compounds have developed through the production of ferrule blanks over many years of experience.

In the mass production of high precision and low cost ferrule blanks, it is very important to stabilize the green body dimensions and to recycle. Tosoh has accumulated various data for our compounds used in mass production, and has established effective recycling methods.

Three standard types of compound are available as well as exceptional technical service for the development of compounds and injection molded ceramics.

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Compound for de-waxing in air and extensively used for ferrule blanks. 


Compound for de-waxing in nitrogen with good flow. De-waxing easily performed in nitrogen furnace. 


Compound for de-waxing in air. This product is based on improvements to PXA201P. De-waxing in air performance equivalent to PXA100P with good flow equivalent to PXA201P. 


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