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YTZ®-GH for Pharmaceutical Milling and Dispersion

Embracing high expertise and excellence in manufacturing of high performance grinding media, Nikkato Corporation in a joint effort with Tosoh Corporation are providing pharmaceutical industry with the new YTZ®-GH  Grinding media, for particle reduction and dispersion applications.

*YTZ®-GH is a trademark of Nikkato Corporation.


YTZ-GH grinding media, is our response on the continuous demand for highest quality GMP grinding media from pharmaceutical industry. YTZ-GH is produced by Nikkato Corporation, one of Japan's leading ceramic manufacturers and a pioneer in the development of strength-enhanced Zirconia ceramics. YTZ-GH, is produced under strict quality control system to adhere closely to the requirements of pharmaceutical industry for excipient.


Continuing the tradition of delivering high quality grinding media, YTZ-GH exhibits high crushing strength, wear resistance and highest purity, under a GMP equivalent manufacturing system.



Value Proposition

Ideal grinding media solution for wet milling for pharmaceutical products:

  • GMP Equivalent Production System

  • Documentation support for end-product qualification under GMP/ QA & QC

  • New Dedicated line for YTZ-GH production.

  • Extended shelf life to match pharma industry requirements

  • Enhanced traceability : one batch raw material to one batch YTZ-GH.

Support and Expertise

  • Expertise in beads production for over 40 years

  • Expertise and active within particle reduction pharmaceutical industry for more than 15 years

  • Stability and consistency in production and product portfolio – no need to change

  • Technical support through out project lifetime from R&D to commercialization, based on successful projects.

Technical Specifications


  • Plastic containers : 1 kg and 10 kg

Size line up*

Technical spec picture ceramic YTZ GH.png

*Additional sizes including, 0.1mm and 0.2 mm are in development.

Typical Properties

YTZ-GH’s raw materials is Tosoh’s Yttria Stabilized Zirconia powder. Tosoh’s Zirconia powder has the highest quality worldwide, quality and purity which is inherited also by YTZ-GH Grinding media.

YTZ-GH - properties (002).png

  • Smooth surface almost perfect roundness/sphericity and narrow size distribution, resulting in higher productivity
    grinding an dispersion.
  • Proven to provide the finest product particle size with narrowest size distribution for API.
  • Provides optimum results when used in wet grinidng and dispersing applications, including the processing of highly viscous materials.
  • Suitable for all types of mills including high energy & high throughput equipment.

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