Silica Glass - Precision Product

Precision product is one of the product lines that we have been engaged in ever since the establishment of the silica glass business. We have a wide lineup, starting with spectrophotometer cells to analytical/diagnostic instruments, etc. At the same time, we have been providing various silica glass products by applying the processing technology for such products. In recent years, we have been furtehr developing our application fields by adding technology such as lithography and etching.

Taking tremendous advantage of its excellent optical characteristics as well as its anti-solvent characteristics, silica glass is now installed in various kinds of diagnostic and/or analytical equipment which incorporates optical detection. As an exemplary application, it is now being used for the purpose of measuring the scattered light and fluorescence in the cell for use with the flow cytometry which is installed in the blood/urine diagnostic equipment. Tosoh provides various kinds of cells for various systems based upon the required specifications of our customers.


Flow Cytometry Cell

Specifications and Variations
Item Specification
Channel Size ≥□0.05mm
Channel Size Accuracy ±0.02mm Typical
(±0.005mm Available)
Channel Length ≥0.1mm
Rectangular channel is also available besides square.
Specifications do not match above can be negotiable.

Flow Cell for Dissolution Testing

Up to now, most flow cells used for dissolution testing of tablets used to be such adhered products as those in which a metal housing for plumbing the piping components was adhered to the cell made of silica glass. With respect to this type of product, there was a possibility that leak and/or damage will occur due to a difference in the respective thermal expansion rate of silica glass and metal parts. Tosoh has developed and realized a flow cell for dissolution testing that uses only silica glass (transparent and black-colored) without the use of any metal parts. Since this product is composed of all bonding, you can use it with ease without concern for leakage, and without having to worry about what should be the using temperature and the stock temperature.

Microfluidic chip is an ultra-precision machined product which formed the minute channel of micron order on the silica glass substrate by applying lithography technology, and is now being used in analyzing minute amounts of sample and in composing microchemistry. We are realizing the high-grade microfluidic chip. Further, we are now engaged in processing the parts for use with MEMS by using our micro-machining technology which is capable of manufacturing the microfluidic chip. It is now available at our company to realize the MEMS products having excellent temperature-stability by using silica glass which has low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Note) MEMS is the abbreviation of Micro Electro Mechanical System, and indicates such small devices as sensors, actuators and etc. with fine electrical elements as well as fine mechanical elements incorporated in a base by applying various fine processing technologies such as semiconductor manufacturing technology, laser manufacturing technology and etc.

Microfluidic Chip Specifications
Item Specification
Product Size ≤ □5 inches
Channel Width ≥ 5 µm
Channel Depth ≥ 2 µm
Hole Size on Cover Plate  ≥ φ0.3 mm
Typical values. Product specifications can be arranged according to proposals.

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Tosoh manufactures various kinds of precision products for semiconductor producing equipment and optical communication-related equipment, by making use of excellent characteristics of silica glass such as good optical transparency, heat resisting properties, anti-solvent characteristics, and high purity, low thermal expansion and the like. And we are building up our products by selecting silica glass materials and choosing the best manufacturing methods based upon customer’s required specifications.

Variation of Materials and Process
Item Variation
Silica Glass Material Transparent, Opaque, Black quartz
Machining Grooving, Circle hole, Square hole
Surface Finish Optical polish, Flame polish, Ground
Masking Cr coating, Al coating, Masking with black quartz