Polyphenylene Sulfide Resins

Product Name: Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Resins
Generic Name: N/A
Chemical Formula / Diagram:
Product Overview: PPS is a unique engineering plastic material that combines many of the best properties of plastics and metals. It has high temperature resistance, exceptional chemical resistance, inherent flame resistance UL 94V-0, superior electrical properties, and outstanding precision moldability and dimensional stability.
Applications: Electrical and electronic parts - Switch bases, relay components, connectors, coil bobbins, etc.
Electrical and electronic appliance components
Automotive applications - Emission control components, lighting components, fuel system parts

Typical Properties/Grades:

  ASTM  GS-40-11 
Tensile Strength   D-638 103 psi (Mpa)   26.1 (181)
Flexural Strength   D-790 103 psi (Mpa) 
 39 (265)
Flexural Modulus   D-790 106 psi (Gpa) 
 2.2 (15)
Izot Impact Strength (notched)   D-256 ft 16f/m (J/m) 
 1.5 (80)
Heat Deflection Temperature   D-648º F (ºC) 
 >500 (>260) 
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion   D-696 10-5 in/in ºF
 (10-5 cm/cm ºC)
 1.2 (2.2)
Flammability  UL-94-  V-0
Volume Resistivity  D-257 (ohms X cm) 
Dielectric Constant  D-150

Not all of the above brands/grades are available at all Tosoh companies. Please contact us to learn about the availability of specific brands and grades.