Zeolite Molecular Sieves

PRODUCT NAME:                            Zeolum®

GENERIC NAME:                             Zeolite Molecular Sieves

CHEMICAL FORMULA/                   MeO•Al2O3•mSiO2•nH2O
DIAGRAM:                                        (Me: Metal Ion)

PRODUCT OVERVIEW:                   Zeolum is a syntehtic zeolite possessing strong selective adsorption properties.                                                           Zeolum is suitable for drying, purifying and separating a wider variety of feeds than                                                           any other adsorbent.

APPLICATIONS:                               Gas Production:
                                                           Separation of nitrogen and oxygen from air.
                                                           H2 purification in PSA processes
                                                           Removal of carbon dioxide and moisture from air
                                                           Purification in cryogenic processes

                                                           Petrochemical Production and Refining:
                                                           Drying of naphtha cracked gas
                                                           Drying of organic solutions

                                                           Drying and purification of refrigerants
                                                           Prevention of cloudiness in multilayer glass
                                                           Removal of trace moisture from urethane paints and sealants
                                                           Moisture control in pharmaceutical and food packaging
                                                           Exhaust gas treatment


Tosoh's zeolite brochure and grade sheet are available for download at the links the below:

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